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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Mark Battles – The Truth Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


I came to tell ’em the truth
And the truth hurts1

[Verse 1]
She said “do what you’re supposed to, and never let ’em fold you”
Momma was a thug, I was raised by a soldier2
The purse on her shoulder got a pistol with no holster3
Said “let a nigga make a move and I’mma toast ’em”4
Ghost ’em, sleep tight ain’t never what it seem like
Wanna know my life? A lot of death in some street fights5
Walking home at night they smoking meth by the streetlights
Had to check some niggas cause they thought I was the lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Mark Battles – The Truth Lyrics download mp3 weak type6
See heights that they never thought I could reach
Word games and flashcards so my daughters can speak
Cause she ’bout to turn 5 and she can’t say a word7
Since she’s not autistic all these doctors getting on my nerves
Consistent with my urge until I get what I deserve8
Killing all you nerds I’ll treat the rap game like the purge
Tongue tricking while I drive, baby please don’t make me swerve9
She only interested for benefits will I ever learn

I came to tell ’em the truth
And the truth hurts
I’m here to tell you the truth
I just hope it works
I came to tell ’em the truth
And the truth hurts
I’m here to tell you the truth
I just hope it works10

[Verse 2]
I grew up with screw ups but I ain’t really do much11
Hit the park and see who wanna battle for a few bucks12
Anybody want it, they can get it, come get chewed up13
Don’t make me have to pull your card cord kord chord Mark Battles – The Truth Lyrics kunci gitar and bag you like a school lunch
Who us, what you chords Mark Battles – The Truth Lyrics lyrics mean? You witnessing a couple kings
Bring my team to chase the dream I’m tryna do my thing14
Right, going hard while you sleep as a man I’m complete
So at times I take it deep, before I hit the booth I tend to pray for every beat15
Cause momma always said bless your food before you eat
And I’mma feast, yeah I’mma feast16
Struggle can make you weak I used to cry myself to sleep
Really was broke as hell, my babymomma called me cheap
Cause I never let her see me down I kept it so discrete17
Bringing hope to the hopeless, repairs for the broken
Aware that I was chosen, I swear I’ll stay focused18



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