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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Goldie Lookin Chain - We Are Back lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


You knows all the peoples in Gedow Close
All those people who go tos Dixons, and Currys and Petsmart
They’re safe as fuck init. Ah ha

You fucking knows, fucking Ben Johnson Way
Aberdare, Respect
The GLC back again for the year 2000 plus 2

Big shout out, respect to the Port 2000 and 2

Shout to the moon when it’s a cresent
Shout to the bong smokers up Mount Pleasent

Yeah theres loads of ways to lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Goldie Lookin Chain - We Are Back lyrics download mp3 pay the bills
But another way to do it is to sell some pills

Ah Safe respect to Philsback Road
Two thousand and two
One step down. Yeah
Let’s ‘ave it

You knows your safe
Once again were back to to inform you we’re the
safest of safetity of all the safeness of the Port
Cos we’re back init ha ha

Yeah, all the crew back together again
One step down, fucking
Two hats, fucking knows it
It’s the Goldie Lookin Chain
Billy Web
Flames of death
fuckin, Mr. Love-Eggs
fuckin safe

Yeah man, I love chillin, I love playing on my Spectrum 48K
I chords Goldie Lookin Chain - We Are Back lyrics lyrics love playing Donkey Kong or one of them Ardale flipmode games like
I fucking, I love playing tag with my mate down the park, or off-ground tag
or cord kord chord Goldie Lookin Chain - We Are Back lyrics kunci gitar I like playing hides and seek, fucking I loves the chillin man, it’s
fucking lovely init, Knows it. Having a rest. Safe as fuck

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