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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Dom Kennedy - Still Me lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


[Verse 1]
I’m driving down the boulevard of broken dreams, tryna get my money up
Making sure my momma’s straight, tryna leave my son enough
I know the Lord protecting me, but I don’t keep my gun enough
They used to look down on me, don’t look now I’m coming up
I used to wanna run with her, now them hoes is runnin up
You live on crenshaw huh? that just make you one of us
I don’t need a lot of beats, I just make sure one enough
The westside is back again when niggas thought we done enough
I rep that david blake cause you’ll forever be a legend
O’shea gon’ be the first so I’ll forever be the second
Who rep leimert park? is something you ain’t gotta question
They like Dom grown up better than we expected

You can sit up cord kord chord Dom Kennedy - Still Me lyrics kunci gitar on my shoulders I’ll always hold you down
I done been from here across from here across the water, but I still rep my town
Nigga I’m still me, nigga I’m still me, nigga I’m still me nigga I’m still me
And I vow to never play you, promise that I’ll make you proud

I’m still the most reliable still the most waited on
Still the most looked over still the most hated on
Power 106 without a manager I made it on
Still seeing girls in your video I dated on
It’s still who rollin’ with me still got the same
Still eat at earl’s grill still got the same whip
Still drinkin’ hennessy still got the same bitch
Still got the ’22 still got the same
Still love hip-hop still got the same gift
And every time I see her I swear I get the same kiss
Still play that old nas still play that old ‘cris
Still play that same jay still got that same lisp
Still sell my own shit still got the same flip
Still my own chords Dom Kennedy - Still Me lyrics lyrics boss lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Dom Kennedy - Still Me lyrics download mp3 too still got the same split
Still fuck with cartier still got the same clique
Still playing every night still got the same wish
Still sit and reminisce still got the same flicks
Still think about alex still miss my nigga nick
Still ain’t a millionaire still never save enough
Still got my fitted on still never gave a fuck
Still know my old shit still wasn’t played enough
Still gon’ give it back to all the kids when I’m payed enough
I give my james yancey on the raise it up
Welcome to the future though y’all niggas late enough


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