Selasa, 19 April 2016

[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Rittz - So Strange lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


Who woulda thought that a losers what the used to call him
Family and friends didn’t give a shit when I was falling
Like limbs do in autumn, now they callin
Tellin me the musics awesome
Improving comments read messages
Say goodbe to your privacy
As soon as a friend request is in
People read cord kord chord Rittz - So Strange lyrics kunci gitar your business online one time
And they might have only heard of you once
Then the hit you on facebook or twitter with a message
And they feel like they deserve a response
They hit my girlfriend up, now they doin to much
Man you fuckin with my personal space
All up on the personal page
When I’m on stage and the curtain is lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Rittz - So Strange lyrics download mp3 raised
I be feelin like a bird in a cage and it’s so…

What bitch all of a sudden I’m attractive?
As if, last year you would laugh if I asked you out
Well now since I got a name rappin
You gonna let the whole crew fuckin pass you ’round
Ex-girlfriends comin out the wood-work
What a prefect time to come back around
Oh it’s cool that I’m rappin now
But back then, you were, actin
All high and mighty in your cap and gown
Does everybody hate love?
According to my girl if you ask her
If she likes goin out with a rapper
She’d say it’s a disaster
While she tries to figure out my facebook password
And I ain’t even doin shit
She liked it better when I had a job watchin time waste away
Getting off, poppin pills sittin ’round, getting fat
Havin dreams about Rachael Ray
I tried to walk away like Macy Gray
But stumbled in the jungle among those snakes and chimps
Record label executives actin like snake-skin pimps
I just give and they take my cents
I’m so sick that it make them winch
Like I was breaking wind
Me and my girl on a break again
I should have tried suicide
But instead I went and did another fake attempt
I didn’t break the skin
Come in, take your grief
This shits so…

I’ve done seen my partners become imposters, constant contracts
Sign em I become a hostage, read the fine print, snort become unconscious
Friends don’t even know it but they on my watchlist
Hold up let me kick it up a couple notches
Hit the ganja, bambaclot it’s some rhinoceros comin
Isn’t this fun to watch me squash this track
Murder anyone that ever come in contact, rap
Why you trippin on me? Cause I’m Black?
Wait, cause I’m White?
Maybe cause my buzz is like a bunch of yellow jackets buzzin by your ear
When I’m buzzin high I’m here, tryin to touch the sky
Well everybody piggy-backin
I think they actin funny, I told my homie he could get a free ride
To chords Rittz - So Strange lyrics lyrics the phonies I’m a throw the peace sign
Nobody ever told me shit was gonna be fine
I guess I’m finally big time and it’s so…

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